New Construction 1

New Construction 1


Unified Contractor personnel provided great customer service and went above and beyond to get our project started and completed to our satisfaction. The quality of the workmanship on our house is amazing, they really paid attention to detail. Anyone who hires this company and their crew is lucky to have them work on their project.

G.G. Homeowner


This project is one of our favorites. The homeowner was very clear on what he wanted in his house, and how he wanted his house to look. He wanted a new adobe house with an old adobe house feel. He specifically stated he wanted the house to look like a 100-year-old church that is approximately 150 feet from his house. Reclaimed material was used throughout the house as well as recycled materials.

WALLS – All exterior and interior walls are made dirt (adobe). All interior wall finishes are diamond finish.

FLOORING – Material was originally old floor joists from a Boeing wooden factory building in Seattle, Washington that was demolished. They varied in length from 22′ to 26′. The homeowner purchased them from a recycle/repurpose timber company in Port Townsend, Washington, had them sawn into 1″ x 12″ boards and used the outside faces as the floor surface, with all the nicks, dings, stains and all.

INTERIOR DOORS – were purchased from Second Use Reclamation in Seattle. All came from the same original house and were heavily coated with many layers of old paint.

WEST PORTAL DOORS – came from the same reclamation place. Not old but very substantial at a cost of $25 for the pair!

OTHER DOORS – The two pairs of pine doors with glass panes were purchased from an antique store in Seattle and were originally from Sweden.

CERAMIC TUB – with its beautiful mural scenes, was purchased by the homeowner in England from a reclamation company in the ancient City of Bath! That was thirty plus years ago and it has been in the same shipping crate until liberated for this house. The homeowners look forward to that first bath!

GARAGE DOORS – are made from Douglas Fir trees that were swept off the slopes of Mt. Rainier in Washington when it last erupted some 500 years ago. The Avalanche of mud, snow, ice, trees and debris buried the trees where they have laid since. When earth excavations takes place, it is not unusual to encounter these buried, perfectly preserved trees. A Washington wood mill, owned and operated by an amazing 87-year-old, processed the logs into boards for us.

ROOF – 22 Gauge Corrugated roofing has a unique look and naturally oxidizing finish that makes it especially desirable for this purpose. The roof rusts naturally to give it the rustic look the owner was looking for.

SOLAR HEATING SYSTEM – The solar heating system consists of a 6’ x 18’ greenhouse, the hot air collected in the greenhouse is circulated with an inline fan through an 8” closed loop duct piping system. The heat produced by the hot air radiates through the duct piping and heats up the crawlspace, the heat then transfers through the floor to heat up the house. The only cost on this system is the electricity used to run the inline fan.

The house is also equipped with a centralized vacuum system, Toto toilets with heated seats, built in bidet, and blow dryer. Contractors crew had to mill all the jambs to accommodate the doors.


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May 10, 2016

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